Frequently asked questions

A. We take up projects that require digital creation of illustrations for kids. It could be for story books, fairy tales, apps, board books, posters, wall arts, portraits or anything else you could think of.

A. Our fee for creating illustrations depends upon four important factors:
The style in which the illustrations need to be created:  A detailed style of colouring would cost more than a simple one.
The complexity of composition: A complex illustration would certainly cost more that a simple one.
The size of artwork: All our quotes are given for A4 size of illustrations. If you need an art bigger or smaller in size do let us know as it may affect the fee.
The urgency of project: If the project deadlines are too tight and we need to make our team work extra hours the fee would go up.

A. The first round of illustrations takes time as we need to understand your requirements. Once the basic guidelines are set we can create 10 or more illustrations per week depending upon the complexity of illustrations.

A. No, all of our illustrations are created digitally as it speeds up the creation and editing process. But we have several styles of illustrations that give an impression of hand coloured arts.

A. Sorry, the free sample offer is only limited for publishers and other B2B clients.

A. We first create digital sketches and seek your approval.
Once the sketches are approved we colour the arts and again get your approval.
Two rounds of feedback at either stage is included in our fee.

A. We require 50% of the estimated fee in advance and balance on approval of the arts in jpeg format.

A. Clients outside India can make us payment via Wire-transfer, PayPal or Credit Card (through PayPal).
Indian clients can make a direct deposit in our bank account or pay by cheque.