"Graduate and the Boatman" A Watercolor Journey: Style Code 142

In this illustration created in the watercolor style with style code #142, we step into a world where the artist’s mastery shines through in their composition, character portrayal, coloring, and style. It’s a bit more detailed and the characters are made to look mature and in semi-realistic style when compared with “The Adventurous Boys.”

The scene unfolds in an Arabian setting, with a shrewd businessman taking a ride on a humble boatman’s vessel. In the background, Arabian castles grace the horizon, adding a touch of enchantment to the illustration. This picture is meant for slightly older children, around 9 to 15 years old, and is perfect for stories in textbooks and storybooks. The characters can be adapted to suit the needs of the story.

The dull colour palette and semi-realistic watercolor style brings forth a serene moment on a tranquil body of water. Two men occupy the center of attention, seated on a boat. The businessman, recognizable by his purple hat, exudes an air of confidence, while the boatman, sporting a pink turban, reflects humility. The businessman seems to be sharing his wisdom, but there’s also an air of intimidation. Their colorful attire adds a playful touch to the overall composition, bringing the characters to life.

This image evokes a sense of calmness, inviting viewers to immerse themselves in a peaceful and leisurely world where stories come to life through the artist’s exceptional skills.

Characteristics of the Style:

  • Watercolour style
  • Detailed and semi-realistic characterisation.
  • Maturity in character portrayal.
  • Skillful use of color palette for a dull and tranquil  effect.
  • Engaging and adaptable for various stories.
  • Creates a serene and imaginative atmosphere.
  • Suitable for older children’s storybooks and textbooks.
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